Winter 2013


2012 shaped up to be quite a year for the Squire. A new CD, Sandbox, radio playing Squires' music, Heather and Ross inviting me up to the Spacebridge for an interview, Mike Yates inviting me to his show (Normal Happiness) to sing some songs and help celebrate the 20th anniversary of Admiral Albert's Apparition. 

Scott Coblio created a short film for the Squires' song, The Cheatin' Gibson Girl. Check it out:

Thanks so much! And thank you dear reader for supporting this project. I wish you a great winter and best wishes in 2013!

The new year also means there's a new album coming out- Big Boy Pete and The Squire "Hitmen" will be released on January 21, 2013. Hitmen will be available in the usual places both in physical form as well as download. 

Exclusive offer:
Order directly from the Squire and you'll not only get the CD, autographed by Big Boy Pete and The Squire,  but you'll also receive free surprise gifts (while supplies lasts). You can order it right now: ORDER PAGE.

Summer 2012

Squire on the radio

There are a couple of chances to catch  the Squire on the radio this week.

Friday, March 30 2012, I'll be sitting in with Heather and Ross on THE SOUND OF TOMORROW - We'll be kicking off the new CD release, Sandbox.

Sunday, April 1, 2012, yours truly will be on Normal Happiness hosted by Mike Yates. We'll be commemorating the 20th anniversary of The Squires'  Admiral Albert's Apparitionas well as some live in-studio performances.
Tune in at 5PM EDT, 89.7FM in the Rochester, NY listening area.

Christopher Earl was recently interviewed by Don Campau for The Living Archive of Underground Artists. 
Check it out:

Sandbox, the new CD by the Squires of the Subterrain
Available March 30, 2012
Break out your baggies and bikinis and head for the beach!

Here's an early review.

In other Sandbox news, NPR's Click and Clack played a snippet of the new single Idlin' In the Sun on NPR's Car Talk Episode 1207, originally aired February 17, 2012.

Winter 2011

Hey There, M.I.A. Squire here. If you stopped by this year (or any year really), you probably noticed the Squires' site doesn't change much. That's not to say things have ground to a halt, quite the opposite. There are several projects in the works. 

Among them is a new Squires of the Subterrain album coming out in 2012. 
I'll be posting a bit more about it in the coming weeks, so don't switch your dial.

Warm wishes to you in the new year! 

Summer 2011

The Squires' studio has been damp this spring, but things are heating up and drying out in the subterrain. There's finally light at the end of the tunnel that leads to the new Big Boy Pete/Squires album! Recording sessions have been going well and will wrap up by the end of June. Will keep you posted with this release and all the other projects underway.  

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And thanks again for stopping in. 

-Chris Earl (squire) 

Winter 2010

Hi, Thanks for stopping in. Hope the new year is treating you well! 

Just got back from England. The highlight was a trip to Wivenhoe where I met up wth pop music genius, Martin Newell. We spent a couple of nights down at the Greyhound pub drinking pints and talking about music,lawn mowers, and busking some of his favorite songs. After the pub closed, we headed back to his place where he shared his home brew and gave a sneak preview of his new Christmas song, Carol . As we said our goodbyes, we hugged and I punched his lights out. Sorry about that. Fantastic time all around! Thank you Sir Martin!  

Met up with Wivenhoe blogger, Jason Cobb, for coffee the next day. He's a delightful guy and is clearly passionate about living in this beautiful arts community and fishing village in Essex. His story about the Americans' visit also ran in the regional magazine Colchester 101.

Well that's great, Squire, but what about the music? Have no fear.

I've been writing and recording new songs in the subterranean studio. A collaboration with Big Boy Pete is nearing fruition. Our new album will have Pete singing, playing, and producing.

Big Boy Pete and the Squire
Big Boy Pete and the Squire