Summer 2012

Squire on the radio

There are a couple of chances to catch  the Squire on the radio this week.

Friday, March 30 2012, I'll be sitting in with Heather and Ross on THE SOUND OF TOMORROW - We'll be kicking off the new CD release, Sandbox.

Sunday, April 1, 2012, yours truly will be on Normal Happiness hosted by Mike Yates. We'll be commemorating the 20th anniversary of The Squires'  Admiral Albert's Apparitionas well as some live in-studio performances.
Tune in at 5PM EDT, 89.7FM in the Rochester, NY listening area.

Christopher Earl was recently interviewed by Don Campau for The Living Archive of Underground Artists. 
Check it out:

Sandbox, the new CD by the Squires of the Subterrain
Available March 30, 2012
Break out your baggies and bikinis and head for the beach!

Here's an early review.

In other Sandbox news, NPR's Click and Clack played a snippet of the new single Idlin' In the Sun on NPR's Car Talk Episode 1207, originally aired February 17, 2012.