Episode 1--Whoa Whoa Yeah Yeah

Meet Buzz, Lonnie, and Scoop!
Released Summer 2008, it's the video that started it all.

Episode 2--Pointing Out My Love

Lonnie's cousin Sharon is in town for the week... 
She sings! She plays guitar!

Could it be that Buzz has finally met the girl of his dreams?

Episode 3--Dumb, Dumb, Dumb

Scoop quits the band and enrolls in beauty school. 
What are the guys going to do without their immaculately 
coiffed drummer? Buzz has a plan.....

Episode 4--Don't Wanna Go to MySpace

What's a guy to do? Buzz is adamant that the band doesn't 
need a MySpace page but Lonnie and Scoop are all for it! 
Will they or won't they? 
Check out episode 5 to find out!

Episode 5--Your Place or MySpace

Maybe MySpace isn't so bad after all! 
Tune in for this exciting episode as Buzz looks for love...
and finds it?

Episode 6--Christmas Time

Santa Claus visits the boys and the boys deliver a 
heartfelt Christmas song.

Try NEW On the Go Super-Sweetened Sugar Cereal!

...'cause you can't have a Saturday morning funtime show 
without sweetened cereal surrealism!

Episode 7--Happy Ending

The boys from On The Go! are moving in different musical 
directions these days. 
Foregoing their suit and tie Mersey Beat, 
they begin to explore the nether regions of their minds and muses. 
It's a colorful new day.

Don't worry--there's more On The Go! on the way! 
While you're waiting, check out these other fine videos from the Squires of the Subterrain.