Winter 2010

Hi, Thanks for stopping in. Hope the new year is treating you well! 

Just got back from England. The highlight was a trip to Wivenhoe where I met up wth pop music genius, Martin Newell. We spent a couple of nights down at the Greyhound pub drinking pints and talking about music,lawn mowers, and busking some of his favorite songs. After the pub closed, we headed back to his place where he shared his home brew and gave a sneak preview of his new Christmas song, Carol . As we said our goodbyes, we hugged and I punched his lights out. Sorry about that. Fantastic time all around! Thank you Sir Martin!  

Met up with Wivenhoe blogger, Jason Cobb, for coffee the next day. He's a delightful guy and is clearly passionate about living in this beautiful arts community and fishing village in Essex. His story about the Americans' visit also ran in the regional magazine Colchester 101.

Well that's great, Squire, but what about the music? Have no fear.

I've been writing and recording new songs in the subterranean studio. A collaboration with Big Boy Pete is nearing fruition. Our new album will have Pete singing, playing, and producing.

Big Boy Pete and the Squire
Big Boy Pete and the Squire